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Wise (and organized) Old Owl

Owl Ribbon Board

For awhile my infant daughter had more hair barrettes than hair. I had a pile of adorable clips, ribbons and bows but no place to put them. I wanted them to be readily available when I did need them, but I didn’t want another box cluttering up her dresser. Luckily, I had spare cork board that I intended to use as a bulletin board. I created a custom owl pattern, cut it out, added some rick rack and voilá, I had a hair ribbon board! Now I just need to hang it up and get it off the dresser…

It's always nice to share.

Side Projects

Graphic designers are conflicted people. We need structure and yet fight against it. Therefore many of us find balance with side projects. Since graphic designers are usually night owls and wired on caffeine anyway, why sleep when we can work on another project? We have the freedom to do what we want while exercising our creativity, which makes us better designers for our clients. It’s a win-win! Well, except for the bags under our eyes.

Design is Fun! will be a collection of side projects which help me procrastinate and fuel my creativity. Enjoy!

It's always nice to share.